Wanna bet?

The anticipation alone hypes it up. You can have two turtles racing and you'd probably catch yourself cheering your ass off. Shit can get intense!

Ever since I became a big fan of mixed martial arts, which I believe is a sport that can be so unpredictable, I've been putting things on the line as a way of getting more involved in the fights. Following the sport for awhile now, I always have a feeling I have the upper hand when it comes to betting. That doesn't seem to be the case though as I still owe a friend of mine a fro-yo and a freak nasty dance on command, so hopefully she doesn't read this so she won't remember. She's just too lucky to bet against. Either that or I've just been making some bad choices... Nah, she's just really lucky. Haha!

Josh Strike, who's also a radio jock from Magic 89.9, wanted to bet with me on the Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin fight in UFC 101. I took it on and picked Forrest to win because I wanted to root for the underdog. Forrest ends up getting his jaw broken, lost his hearing, and got knocked out. What was the consequence? It had to do something with nipples and a rubber band.

How did it feel? It stung like a bitch! There had to be another way for me to get back at him. Next bet, Ateneo vs La Salle. Even though I'm from La Salle, I had to pick the smarter choice and for the first time it felt good to be a traitor. Ateneo wins convincingly and now it's Josh Strike's turn to suffer the consequence. Five shots of hot sauce? Payback's a bitch! Bottom's up!

I don't know what else we can come up with in the future, but I guess that's the fun of it. Sky's the limit! So use your creativity to the point that whether you win or lose, you'll still have fun! So you wanna bet?

- Pat Jamlang

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Switch It Up

Got home from a night out at a time that's late for many but still early for me. I love the silence that the late night brings. I've grown to appreciate it and just feel one with myself. That sounds hella dramatic for some reason or could pass as trying too hard to appear deep, but it's like spending time with your mind with no distractions. The calmness allows you to just let go and focus on whatever enters your consciousness.

This year has been an eye-opener for me. Though many think that with clarity comes certainty, for me I realized that with clarity comes appreciation. The more I know, the more I appreciate how everything works and are interconnected. It's funny how when you come to realize something, you ask where your mind has been all along because some are so obvious and simple you wonder how you've missed it all this time. One thing that I have come to apply is keeping things fresh and never keeping the mind idle. It's all about switching things up.

When you work out, they always say to never do the same exercises over and over again if you want to see results. You have to keep the muscles guessing. The same goes with your mind. It gets bored quick and without a switch up, it'll lose motivation and inspiration. It'll be used to a routine and be content with it. Habits are formed and you wonder why it's so hard to break out from it. You need to push your mind not by simply willing it, but by providing a lifestyle where it can flourish and explore.

The mind loves challenges and spontaneity. Keep it guessing. It's in our nature to explore and not sit still. Staying in one place is wasted potential. By simply inserting fun in what we engage in makes us move. It makes use of our imagination and creativity. As Einstein once said, "imagination is more important than knowledge."

Switch things up. Try something new every week. Instead of going to the same club every weekend, try out a different scene. Eat at a new restaurant. Explore other hobbies. Meet new people. Help somebody out. Travel. Try something different at work. Read a new book. Delve into art. Change your hairstyle. Learn a new sport. I can go on and on. You just need to appreciate stepping out of your comfort zone. Even the little changes help keep things fresh. Whatever you decide to do, remember to have fun doing it. Explore, experiment, take risks, and surprise yourself.

To quote Einstein again, "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." We're like ships, we're not made to stay at the port. Switch things up and your mind will learn to keep things fresh.

- Pat Jamlang

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