You ever wonder what you were in your past life? They say that what you’re passionate about in this lifetime can give you clues. Playing off of that idea, I think I was a teacher at one point. I’ve always had this drive to share and feed people’s hunger for knowledge. I’m intrigued by how people think and learn and how the mind works. The ideas of what triggers people’s excitement to want to take in new information and how they make choices fascinate me. The way you can capture someone’s attention, pass on knowledge and see them utilize it in their own way is rewarding to me. So why did I become a radio jock and not a teacher instead? Can’t I be both?

I believe that you should not limit yourself to your chosen profession. I see it all the time. You shouldn’t create limits to yourself, period. The thought of it holds you back already. And why do we do this? Because that’s what we see around us and we choose to accept it and make it a part of our reality. You are how you think and the choices you make. Why not create your own reality? Is it crazy to think that way? Will people look at you differently? Does it matter? I say, life is a journey and you’re the driver. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Explore and take it all in. The world has so much to offer and you’ll only experience it with an open mind.

So yes, I am a radio jock but my passion for teaching has not taken a back seat. I train junior jocks, teach concepts and techniques to my teammates in jiu-jitsu, pass on life lessons to my friends and family, and I often share words of wisdom on my show. If you love doing something, opportunities will always present itself for you to nurture it alongside many other endeavors you choose to involve yourself in. Don’t FIND time, MAKE time. Eliminate all time consuming activities that will get you nowhere. Remember, your limits are only what you set them to be. So what are your limits?

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