Make Everyday Count!

We have 24 hours in a day.

Assuming you hate your job, subtract 8 hours. This is your 9-5er. You have 16 hours left. If you like sleeping, subtract another 8. This leaves you with 8 hours per day to do what you love doing.

This means that in a day, you have 8 hours to pay your rent. Your credit card bills. Your electric bills. Your mobile phone bills. Your mortgage. All those things in life which the ending balance must be zero.

In that same time span, you must also make time for all the things you deem fun. Movies, photography, sports, music, even softcore pornography. I turned 25 recently and I've been thinking about the time we have left to indulge in our passions. Assuming you are my age, in a couple of years time, you shall be thinking about mortgage bills, insurance fees, cost of having a kid, even a car loan for a car you don't like.

My point being? Make everyday count. Life is too short to waste your time watching mindless T.V. shows or playing (a lot) of video games. There is a lot that life has to offer! Get up, and grab it by the cojones. Do what you love doing. Be passionate about something. Go ape shit once in a while. If you don't go crazy now, when will you?

Love basketball? Go ahead and shoot hoops till you can't see the hoop in the darkness anymore. It worked for Michael Jordan. Love photography? Go ahead and share your work. Always had a happy crush on that girl on facebook? Go ahead and send her a message. Down the line its better to have a good laugh about a Facebook hookup attempt gone wrong than to think about the possibilities and that you should have just done it. Remember, lack of action is a prelude to regret.

Make everyday count. Sure, you can always "do it" tomorrow, but hey man, you can use tomorrow to pursue another passion.

-Nino de Jesus

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Environmental Age

Want to help out but don't know where to begin? Let me give you an idea where you can start.

- Pat Jamlang

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Information by Daniel Donahoo

Thought I'd share some spoken word with you. It made me think. Hopefully it does the same to you.

Listen. Reflect. Share.

- Pat Jamlang

She closes the lid
and unplugs the device
no bigger than her thumb
from the computer.

My life's work, she says. But, it isn't her life's work.

You see, we store information like an Escher painting.
It shouldn't all fit in there. But, it does.
And every day we manage to fit more and more into smaller and smaller spaces until one day
she says,
we will be able to fit all the information the world has
everything that everyone knows and believes and dreams
into nothing.

It will all be there. Stored and filed.
Tagged with any keywords you might imagine.

Our hard drives will be thin air.

They will make nanobots look like elephants.
And elephants will be in there too. Tagged. Accessible with search terms
like grey, ivory,
and the largest land dwelling mammal

We will process away at nothing and understand everything.
We will think of a word and the information will slip in, not through our ears or eyes
but straight thorough our skin. Information will breathe in and out of us,
permeate our skin.

Our knowing will be as deep as it is wide.
You see our work here is to learn so much,

to be so full of knowing,
that all there is left to do is unlearn.

Humanity must get to a point where we let go.
We leave the useless ideas and the spent ideologies in the recycle bin.
like an adolescent brain shedding neurons.
like a snake slithering from its old skin.
like an old man who has come to understand so well the point where reality meets the intangible that he is able to decide which breath will be his last. And, he will enjoy that breath more than any that he has taken in his entire life.

And, her life's work is more than a four meg flash drive.

My life's work, she says, is the impact that this has.

This is not about what I produce. It is all about what others receive.

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