I once read that attitude’s that small thing that makes a big difference. Your approach, how you carry yourself, the way you tackle challenges, how you treat people; they all come down to attitude. With that in mind, I started thinking about what my mindset is like.

I live everyday thinking that there must be better ways in how we do things. I believe it’s that constant search for improvement that evolution takes place. I think about how I can deliver a better radio show, how I can perform a technique in jiu-jitsu more efficiently, how to create music that can move people, how I can develop my teaching abilities, etc. But not only do I think about what I can improve in myself, I feel it’s important to develop better ways on how we can be of service to others. It’s not the idea that the more you give, the more you receive that motivates me. It’s the fact that we’re all connected and with this mindset, it’s always a win-win situation. When you help people, they then can be of service to others as well. Pay it forward. It all comes in full circle and everybody ends up uplifting one another. Wouldn’t it be cool if everybody could win?

So never be stagnant. There’s nothing worse than knowing you could have left a bigger impact in this world but felt comfort in life’s routines and chose to be content with that. Your mindset shapes the way you view the world and the choices you make. Know the source of your actions. When you understand that, then you’ll realize that attitude IS that small thing that makes a big difference.

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