How sure can you be of anything? Everyday we're faced with uncertainty where we either sit back and wait for something to happen, or take the risk and see where it goes. I've always been the type to play it safe, very passive, making justifications in my head why I shouldn't go for something. I guess part of it is because things went my way a lot when I was young where I didn't feel the need to be aggressive. It got to a point though where I was sick of making excuses for myself and the number of missed opportunities stacked up, when I realized hesitation is a regret waiting to happen.

The last couple of years have been an eye-opener for me. I've reached a sense of clarity where there's direction. I’m learning more about myself everyday, who I really am, what I want, and where I want to go. But one thing that’s still holding me back at times is hesitation, particularly when what’s on the line is something I really want. I do believe change takes time, especially when you’ve been conditioned to think and act a certain way for awhile. It’s difficult to just break that. I sometimes hate myself though for not being able to overcome a reason to why I still hold back when I know I should just go for it and accept the possible consequences with a smile, knowing I took a chance to find out rather than wondering what if.

I’ve been on a mission to break bad habits and just let myself go. For awhile I thought I could think myself into doing things but I’ve realized I need to act to prove that I’ve overcome a fear. We tend to hold back because we over-think, making assumptions that most of the time don’t even happen. So why do we do it? Why do we find ways to hold ourselves back? I guess our minds just love excuses, because it’s easier to back out than to put yourself on the line.

Sometimes we don’t realize the possibilities of success because we hesitate, missing out on opportunities that could have gotten us closer to where we want to go. I don’t know about you, but I hate that feeling. For me it’s not enough to just know what is right, but to prove it to myself through action. That’s why this year I’ve taken more risks. Not everything went my way but knowing I took chances gives me a sense of ease.

So I say let yourself go. It’s an ongoing battle but you know what to do, it’s just the action that’s left to be done. Sometimes you’re just a step away from what you want. Don’t let hesitation take the better of you.

- Pat Jamlang

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I always end my radio show with what I call as the "Morning kick-off quote/tip of the day" to help start people's day off with a positive mindset. Most of the time, how you start off your morning affects the rest of your day. Being that my show ends at 6am, I always make it a point to get people in the mood to be productive and motivated whether through the songs I play or with what I talk about. I left them with a simple tip last week that goes, "Appreciate what you have." It's really simple but sometimes the simplest statements make the biggest impact. As long as there's substance and great intention behind it, it can really move people. Sometimes we tend to complicate matters to the point that we fill up our minds with worries that will most likely not even materialize.

"Appreciate what you have." Having the attitude of gratitude is key. Sometimes we focus so much on what we don't have that we fail to appreciate what we do have. We stress ourselves out asking for more all the time that we take for granted what is present in our lives. Let's be grateful not just for our material possessions, but most importantly the people that we surround ourselves with. Our families, loved ones, friends, work mates, etc. We also have to be thankful for where we are today, our experiences, and the lessons we've taken with us. There are so much to be grateful for and sometimes we just need to take a break from the fast paced lifestyle we live and take in all the blessings that have entered our lives. It feels good. You realize that life is not as bad as people say it to be.

You always have a choice. A lot of what happens in your life starts in your head. So put yourself in a positive mindset and start appreciating what you have, even the little things. Fill yourself up with all that positive energy and focus it on something great. Feel blessed. Feel good. Be grateful!

- Pat Jamlang

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