I Am...

People know me as a radio jock, jiu-jitsu addict, and a music artist. But I feel limited when I’m labeled, so I’m beyond those three. I am where curiosity and passion take me. Life is a journey of self-discovery, purpose, and creation. We are what we believe, and I believe in love. Its essence is my foundation. Let love in and the rest will follow.

I believe that uncertainty is wonder. You’ll love and hate it at the same time but it’s what keeps you on the edge of your seat. It lets your imagination run wild and explore. It’s what keeps things fresh and opens you up to the world of endless possibilities.

I approach everything with an open mind. I have a hunger for wisdom and knowledge. I live life through the eyes of a child and look for every opportunity to be at a state of play. I used to want to be the best at everything I put my mind on. Now, I just want to be better than the person I was yesterday.

I feel that being grateful is key. The attitude of gratitude reminds us about the beauty of life and how blessed we are. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that puts a smile on our face. When you realize this, you’ll understand that even the simplest actions can uplift someone’s spirits.

Among other things, I see success as the impact I have on people and the world. I want to share, give, and elevate. I feel satisfaction in helping others believe who they can become and get to where they want to be.

I’ve grown to realize that it’s only when you have dug deep where you fully appreciate what you have known to begin with. But remember that what’s important is not what you know, but how you apply it. A genius is useless without action.

I believe that life is short depending on how you see it. For some people, they feel that way when they look back and realize they haven’t accomplished anything significant and ask for more time. Others ride the good vibe wave and are having so much fun that time seems to have gone by so fast. Which one are you?

They say I’m deep and at times I feel misunderstood. I’ve grown to like that. I see it as treasure people have failed to discover yet. I feel free by embracing my uniqueness. I am what I am.

I don’t wish for you to understand me through my future entries, but hopefully I can have some sort of impact on your life through my experiences, thoughts, and genuineness. So let the randomness begin! Let passion ignite passion, and soon we can all be our own inspiration!

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